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What is a tween

Do you know the answer?You might have heard the word on the internet or on tv, but don’t know exactly what it means or where it came from.In the simplest terms, tweens are children between the ages of eight and twelve.The word tween was invented by marketing, to better target this age-Group and their needs and desires.

Did you know that most marketing companies targeting children have child psychologists working with them to produce advertisements and products that are irresistible to children?Rest assured they are already doing this to adults through advertising;However their aim is always going back to younger and younger age groups.Why?Because brand exposure from a very early age is key to building up brand loyalty and future sales.

A target for marketing-That is the dark side of what a tween is, however tweens themselves have embraced the term.Too young to be considered as grown up as teens, they are nevertheless too mature to feel comfortable with being described as children.One of the major desires that marketers target tweens through is the desire feel more adult and grown-Up and less like a child.

Fashion is a huge industry in which tweens are being targeted as potential lucrative consumers.Tween fashions currently run the gamut from childish clothing to extremely risqué and scandalous little-Adult wear.If, through media and advertising, tweens can be made to feel self-Conscious about their appearance, dollars will flow as they try to buy clothes and things to prove their self-Worth.

Tweens are a young and vulnerable group.Their ideas and sense of self is still developing and will continue to do so well into their teenage years.The pressure they feel to fit in with their peers and the messages they receive in the community have a huge impact on their development.

Young girls tend to also be quite influenced by their favourite celebrities.Sadly, celebrities are only human and are often a disappointment, especially in recent times, in the role model department.There are a few tween idols who do still hold high values and morals-Such as justin bieber, selena gomez and tavi gevinson, however, the most important role models for tweens must be Cheap Tiffany UK closer to home.

You might think that the situation facing our tweens is hopeless, but it isn’t.Awareness of the issues will Cheap Tiffany Sale help immeasurably.If tweens are taught how they are being manipulated, it will help them to say no to the products and behaviours the media is pushing.

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What is a shower jacket

Shower jacket = a jacket which will protect you from showers, but not sustained or heavy rain.Usually a lightweight nylon thing with a hood(Sometimes folded up into a flap in the collar).

Windbreaker =.Usually the same thing.

Without links it’s hard to know why they’ve differentiated them in this way.’not properly waterproof but better than nothing’.Searching for the phrase brings up a lot of sports clubs selling stuff, so presumably it’s become a specific term within the industry;One club defines it as“.A woven polyester showerproof fabric ideal for training and warming up. „It mostly seems to mean ‘lightweight zip-Up polyester jacket with a hood’.Except where it doesn’t have a hood.Maybe they don’t want to say ‘hooded’ to avoid confusion with the dreaded ‘hoodies’?

‘Windbreaker’, in my experience, is more a US than British term.

Posted by lebannen at 6:03 AM on January 28, 2010

I knew you guys would be quicker than slogging through 583 pages of google search results.Thank you!

Posted by dogmom at 6:08 AM on January 28, 2010

Could a shower jacket be similar to an american warm-Up jacket?Maybe it’s the jacket that the team members wear when they are sitting on the bench or headed for the ‘showers’.Do the pictures of the shower jackets look like Cheap Tiffany Earrings Sale the same thing that the team wears?I’m thinking of the kind of things that basketball teams wear in the us.

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